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Other Industry Services

Businesses or Individuals providing professional services to the needlearts industry. Examples include author, business & marketing services, copy or tech editor, finisher, graphic or web design, illustrator, photographer, teacher, and web/video development.


$195/year. Memberships run from October 1 through September 30 each year, with no prorating of dues. If joining after July 1, membership will be valid through the next membership year.

Business ID Required

Must provide the following items:

  • Two letters of introduction from current TNNA Members stating that they are familiar with your current work in the industry
  • AND two (2) items from the following list:
    • Resume or biography
    • Published work (e.g. magazine, show or conference)
    • Outline of class projects you have taught
    • A copy of catalog if available (if not available, a 3rd letter or recommendation from a current TNNA Retail member)
    • Description of areas of specialty finishing
    • Printed or online literature about services
    • Copy of current invoice of $200 or more
    • Resale tax certificate
    • Copy of company check
    • A copy of published material (e.g., book, magazine, website, blog, etc.)

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    If you prefer to join by mail, please contact TNNA Headquarters at info@tnna.org.